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So we should leave the beginning of the doctrine of Christ and strive to reach perfection.…

So we should leave the beginning of the doctrine of Christ and strive to reach perfection. There is no need to establish a foundation again, just like those who repent and believe in God,

All kinds of baptism, the laying of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment, all teach.

If God permits us, we will do so.

When it comes to those who have been illuminated, tasted the taste of heaven’s grace, and have a share in the Holy Spirit,

And those who have tasted the goodness of God and become aware of the power of the afterlife,

If they abandon the truth, they cannot be made to repent again. Because they crucified the Son of God again and openly humiliated him.

Just like a field that has tasted the repeated rainfall and grown vegetables that are suitable for the tiller, it is blessed from God.

If thorns and thistles grow, they will be abandoned and near a curse, and the end will be burning.

Dear brothers, although we say so, we firmly believe that your actions are stronger than these and are almost saved.

For God is not unjust, but forgets the work you have done and the love you have shown for his name, which was previously serving the saints and is still serving now.

We hope that each of you will show such diligence, so that you have a fulfilling hope that will continue until the end.

And not slack off. Always emulate those who bear promises with confidence and patience.

When God promised Abraham, because there was no one greater than himself to swear by, he swore by himself, saying,

Regarding blessings, I will bestow great blessings upon you. As for your descendants, I will make your descendants many.

So Abraham, having endured for a long time, obtained the promise.

People swear by those who are older than themselves. And use the oath as evidence to settle all kinds of disputes.

Similarly, God is willing to make it clear to those who inherit the promise that his will is unchanging, and he takes an oath as evidence.

Through these two unchanging things, God must not lie, so that we, who flee to refuge and hold onto the hope placed before us, may be greatly encouraged.

We have this hope as an anchor of the soul, strong and secure, and it flows into the mantle.

Jesus, who was the vanguard, entered into the mantle for us, having become an eternal high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.


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