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Genesis_Chapter 29

Jacob set out and arrived at the land of the people of the East, I saw a well in the field…

Jacob set out and arrived at the land of the people of the East,

I saw a well in the field, with three flocks of sheep lying by it. Because people drink sheep with the water from that well. The stone on the wellhead is large.

A flock of sheep often gathers there, and the shepherd turns the stone away from the mouth of the well to drink the sheep, and then places the stone in its original position at the mouth of the well.

Jacob said to the shepherds, “Brothers, where are you from?” They said, “We are from Haran.”.

He asked them, “Do you know Laban, the grandson of Nahor?”? They said we know each other.

Jacob said, Is he safe? They said, it’s safe. Look, his daughter Rachel is leading the sheep.

Jacob said, The sun is still high, and it is not time for the flocks to gather. Why don’t you drink the sheep and go and release them.

They said, We cannot wait until the flock is gathered, and the stones are turned away from the well before we can drink the sheep.

While Jacob was talking to them, Rachel came with her father’s sheep, because she was shepherding them.

Jacob saw Rachel, the daughter of his mother’s uncle Laban, and his mother’s uncle Laban’s flock. He went forward and turned the stone away from the mouth of the well, drinking from his mother’s uncle Laban’s flock.

Jacob kissed Rachel and let out his voice, crying.

Jacob told Rachel that he was her father’s nephew, the son of Rebekah, and Rachel ran to tell her father.

When Laban heard the news of his nephew Jacob, he ran to meet him, hugged him, kissed him, and brought him to his own house. Jacob told Laban all the reasons.

Laban said to him, “You are really my flesh and blood.”. Jacob lived with him for a month.

Laban said to Jacob, “Although you are my brother, shall you serve me for nothing?”? Please tell me, what do you want as wages?

Laban had two daughters, the eldest named Leah and the youngest named Rachel.

Leah’s eyes were lifeless, but Rachel was born beautiful and handsome.

Jacob loved Rachel and said, “I am willing to serve you seven years for your youngest daughter Rachel.”.

Laban said, “I give her to you, it’s better than giving it to someone else. You can live with me.”.

Jacob served Rachel for seven years. He looked at these seven years as if they were just a few days because of his deep love for Rachel.

Jacob said to Laban, “The time has come to an end. Please give me my wife so that I can have sex with her.”.

Laban set up a banquet and invited everyone from that place.

In the evening, Laban brought his daughter Leah to Jacob, and Jacob slept with her.

Laban also gave his maid Zilpah to his daughter Leah as a maid.

In the morning, Jacob saw that it was Leah and said to Laban, “What have you done to me?”? I serve you, isn’t it for pulling knots? Why are you deceiving me?

Laban said, before giving the eldest daughter to anyone, give the youngest daughter first. There is no such rule in our place.

If you have worked for this for seven days, I will give you that as well, and you will serve me for another seven years.

Jacob did so. After completing Leah’s seven days, Laban gave his daughter Rachel to Jacob as his wife.

Laban also gave his maid Bilhah to his daughter Rachel as a maid.

Jacob also slept with Rachel and loved her more than he loved Leah, so he served Laban for seven more years.

When the Lord saw that Leah was despised, he caused her to give birth, but Rachel did not give birth.

When Leah was pregnant and gave birth to a son, she named him Reuben. Therefore she said, The Lord has seen my affliction, and now my husband will love me.

She became pregnant again and gave birth to a son, saying, Because the Lord has heard that I am out of favor, he has given me this son again. So he named him Simeon.

She became pregnant again and gave birth to a son, and named her Levi, saying, “I have given birth to three sons for my husband, and he will be united with me.”.

She became pregnant again and gave birth to a son, saying, This time I will praise the Lord, so I named him Judah. I just stopped giving birth.


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