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1 Timothy_Chapter 4

The Holy Spirit declares that in the future, some will abandon the true way and listen to …

The Holy Spirit declares that in the future, some will abandon the true way and listen to the tempting spirit and the teachings of demons and demons.

This is because the liar is impersonating. The conscience of these people is as if they have been burned with a hot iron.

They prohibit marriage and abstain from food, which God has created for those who believe and understand the truth to receive with gratitude.

All things created by God are good. If you are grateful for receiving, there is nothing to give up.

All have become holy through the word of God and the prayers of men.

If you remind your brothers of these things, you are a good servant of Christ Jesus, educated in the words of the truth and the good way that you have always obeyed.

Just abandon those secular words and the desolate words of the old woman, and practice oneself in piety.

Practicing the body has few benefits. Only godliness is beneficial in all things. Because of the promise of this life and the next life.

This statement is credible and highly admirable.

We work hard and hard, and that’s why. Because our hope is in the living God. He is the savior of thousands, and even more so, the savior of believers.

You must command and teach people these things.

Don’t let people underestimate your youth. Be a role model for believers in words, deeds, love, faith, and cleanliness.

You should focus on reading, encouraging, and teaching until I come.

Do not underestimate the gift you have received, which was given to you through prophecy when the elders laid their hands on you.

You must diligently do these things and focus on them, so that everyone can see your growth.

You should be cautious of yourself and your own lessons, and be persistent in these things. Because doing so can save both oneself and those who listen to you.


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