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1 Timothy_Chapter 1

Paul, who was appointed as an apostle of Christ Jesus by our Savior God and our hope Chris…

Paul, who was appointed as an apostle of Christ Jesus by our Savior God and our hope Christ Jesus,

Write to Timothy, who is my true son in faith. May grace, mercy, and peace be with you, from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

When I went to Macedonia, I advised you to stay in Ephesus, to instruct those who did not preach any other religion,

Do not listen to vague and baseless words or endless genealogies. This only leads to debate and does not invent the laws established by God in faith.

But the ultimate command is love. This love is born from a clean heart, with an innocent conscience and unwavering faith.

Some people deviate from these and instead speak insincere words.

I want to become a monk, but I don’t understand what I am saying or what I have decided.

We know that the law is good, as long as one uses it appropriately.

For the law is not established for the righteous, but for lawlessness and disobedience, impiety and sin, holiness and worldly love, patricide and murder,

Those who engage in debauchery and have sexual relations with men, those who snatch people and lie, and those who make false oaths, or those who are set up for other things that are against the right path.

This is according to the glorious gospel entrusted to me by the blessed God.

I am grateful to Christ Jesus, our Lord, who has given me strength, for he has made me faithful and appointed me to serve him.

I used to be a blasphemer, a persecutor, and a contemptuous person. However, I was also pitied because I did it when I didn’t believe or understand.

And the grace of my Lord is particularly abundant, giving me faith and love in Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus was born to save sinners. This statement is credible and highly admirable. I am the culprit among the sinners.

However, I received mercy because Jesus Christ wanted to show all his patience in me, the sinner, and set an example for those who later believed in him to attain eternal life.

May honor and glory be given to the king, the one God, who is immortal and cannot see eternity, forever and ever. Amen.

My son Timothy, as I prophesied against you before, I entrust this commandment to you, so that you may fight that good war.

Always have faith and a conscience without any losses. Some people abandon their conscience, just like a ship destroyed on the true path.

Among them are Xu Minai and Alexander. I have handed them over to Satan, so that they will be punished and will no longer blaspheme.




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