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Genesis_Chapter 43

The famine in that area is severe. When they had eaten up the food they brought from Egypt…

The famine in that area is severe.

When they had eaten up the food they brought from Egypt, their father said to them, “Go and buy me some more food.”.

Judah said to him, ‘The man solemnly warned us,’ If your brothers do not come with you, you will not see my face. ‘.

If you send our brothers with us, we will go down and buy food for you.

If you do not send him, we will not go down, because he said to us, ‘If your brother does not come with you, you will not see my face.’.

Israel said, Why do you harm me like this and tell that person that you still have brothers?

They answered, ‘The man asked us and our relatives in detail,’ Is your father still here? ‘? Do you still have brothers? We will tell him as he asked, how could we know that he must bring your brothers down?

Judah said to his father Israel, “Send the boy with me, and we will get up and go down, so that we, you, and our women and children may live and not die.”.

I guarantee him. You can pursue him from my hands. If I don’t bring him back and hand him over to you, I am willing to bear the burden forever.

If we hadn’t delayed, we would have returned for the second time now.

Their father Israel said, “If this is necessary, then do this: take a little of the best frankincense, honey, spices, myrrh, torreya, and almonds from the land, put them in a container, and bring them down to give to the man as a gift.”,

Take double the amount of silver in your hands, and keep the silver returned to your pockets in your hands. That may be wrong.

Also take your brothers and get up to meet that person.

May the Almighty God grant you mercy before that man and release your brother and Benjamin. If I lose my son, let me lose it.

So they took the gift and brought double the amount of silver in their hands, as well as Benjamin, and got up and went down to Egypt, standing before Joseph.

When Joseph saw Benjamin coming with them, he said to the steward, ‘Bring these people into the house.’. I will slaughter livestock and prepare a feast, because these people will eat with me at noon.

So the steward followed Joseph’s orders and brought them into Joseph’s house.

They were afraid because they were brought to Joseph’s house, saying, They brought us here because they had returned the silver that was in our pockets for the first time, found our faults, laid hands on us, forced us to be slaves, and robbed our donkeys.

They walked into Joseph’s household and spoke to him at the door of the house,

And he said, My lord, we came down for the first time to buy grain.

Later, when we arrived at the accommodation, we opened our pockets and found that everyone’s silver, in full measure, was still in their pockets. Now we have brought it back from our hands.

In addition, he brought money to buy grain. I don’t know who put the silver in our pockets before.

The steward said, Rest assured, do not be afraid; it is your God and the God of your father who have given you treasure in your pockets. I have already received your silver. He took Simeon out and handed it over to them.

So the steward brought them into Joseph’s house, gave them water to wash their feet, and gave them grass to feed their donkeys.

They prepared the gift and waited for Joseph to come at noon, because they heard that they were going to eat there.

When Joseph arrived at home, they brought the gifts in their hands into the house and gave them to him. They then fell down to the ground and bowed down to him.

Joseph greeted them and asked, “Is your father the old man you mentioned safe?”? Is he still there?

They answered, ‘Your servant our father is safe.’. He is still there. So they lowered their heads and bowed.

Joseph lifted up his eyes and saw his brother Benjamin, who was with his mother, and said, Is this the youngest brother you said to me about? And he said, O child, may God bless you.

Joseph’s love for his brother was aroused, and he quickly searched for a place to cry, entered his own room, and cried a lot.

He washed his face and reluctantly restrained himself, ordering people to set up a meal.

They set up a separate table for Joseph, another table for those people, and another table for the Egyptians who ate with Joseph, because the Egyptians were not allowed to eat with the Hebrews. That was originally disliked by the Egyptians.

Joseph arranged his brothers to sit at the table before him, in order of seniority, and the brothers were surprised at each other.

Joseph divided out the food in front of him and gave it to them. But Benjamin gained five times more than others. They drank wine and feasted with Joseph.


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